Hello Hello Hello, I hope you’re all doing well and having a lovely start to the week. So yesterday I went shopping in a lot of very different shops and bought some very different categorized items. There should be a bit of everything for everyone so I hope you enjoy this haul and grab yourselves some of these little treats I share with you. So let’s get started!



I have been looking for a belt everywhere! I have spent many years with loose pants, waiting for the right belt to come along..and here it is! I actually tried this on in the shop with my jeans to see how it would look and it was perfect. The width and length aren’t too big or too small, making it look very pretty but less visible when I want it to be. The material is leather with the buckle being gold metal. I thought these colours looked great together and it was a really nice simple belt but different to a plain black or brown one. This belt was only £3.99 from H&M, which is totally affordable, for the classy style it is.



Now I am usually not one for bronzers as I must be the palest person ever, but recently I had a spray tan and absolutely loved it. However, it soon came off my face as I cleanse my face every morning and night. So I had to invest in a bronzer to make my skin tone on my face, match my body. I could have easily got one from Superdrug but I saw this cheap, amazing looking bronzer in Tkmaxx and couldn’t resist. I love how it has three shades which I can use depending on how dark I decide to go with my tan. I also think every girl should have a bronzer in summer to take on their holidays, to bronze themselves up! This bronzer was only £3.99 in Tkmaxx which is an absolute bargain for a bronzer; and I have already tried it and I genuinely think you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from an expensive one.



How cute are these?! I couldn’t resist picking these up when I popped into Tiger. I think storage is always a good thing to have to keep organised and clean. However, fun storage like this just makes it way more fun to have! These jars would be perfect for little bits of hair bobbles/clips lying around that have no real permanent place; or little buttons or receipts that get lost and clutter up the house; or you could even use them for make up brushes and use the lid for something else or place it by the side, for decoration. I have decided to freshen up my room with these, by putting flowers in them and balancing the lids by the sides of the jars. These were £2 each which I thought was very reasonable, from Tiger.



I know what you’re thinking, how old are you Alice?! Why are you buying kids paint?! Well this is to decorate my orange, apple and pear jam jars. I thought this would really jazz them up and make them look even more summery. I’m hoping the green will come out nice and thick so that I don’t need too many coats and I will probably use the blue to make patterns over the top. Altogether, these two were £1 from poundland so if they don’t work out as well as I planned, it isn’t too much of a waste of money.



I wasn’t actually planning on buying these..they were just so sparkly and beautiful… And I really want to get back into scrapbooking because I think its an amazing way to document significant events in your life, using craft and bright colours which suit the mood of the page. Once I have started my scrapbooking again, I will definitely be doing posts, updating you guys on my progress. I thought these sparkly tapes would be perfect to go around pictures in my scrapbook, but you could also use it for different craft projects and present wrapping, as it says on the packaging. I am so excited to use these to make my scrapbook look bright and creative. I got these from poundland too so I’m sure you can guess the price.



Again, how adorable are these tissue papers? I wasn’t planning on buying these either, but I thought that the gold, glitter tissue paper would go really well with the sparkly tape and it looked so beautiful, so I was pretty much sold at that! As for the multi-coloured, heart tissue paper, I thought it would go really well on a scrapbook page full of family and friends, and all the things I love. Although these are really pretty, they were pretty expensive for what they are; the gold, glitter tissue paper was £2; the multi-coloured, heart tissue paper was £1.50 and they were both from Clintons.



I really went for the theme of sparkle today didn’t I? This little quote would be fabulous in my room and bring more sparkle to my day, everyday! These colours would really go with my room as the main colours are black and white, but because this quote is black and silver, it would go with any colour, in any room. Although some people may think this quote is quite stupid, thinking deeper into it, it is almost telling you to be confident and wear sparkly, outgoing clothes and just be yourself. That’s my interpretation of it but everyone has their own opinion and I’m sure a lot of you may disagree but I thought this quote was definitely needed in my life! I bought this from Next and it was only £8 which I thought was very good as it feels very high quality.



Another quote? Yes, another. This is an extremely happy quote and I thought this would add a bit of colour to my room and make it look much more bright and summery. I like to think very positively and try to have a positive outlook on every day, but sometimes you just need that extra boost that this quote gives you. I have a smile on my face every time I read it! I know that it will definitely make my mornings happier and start my day off on a high. These colours I wouldn’t usually go for but they remind me so much of summer and summer is one of my favourite seasons! Anyone else think of a fair ground when they see the yellow and white stripes, or is that just me? This wooden, hanging quote is only £1.50 from Primark-an absolute bargain!



I couldn’t have found a better quote to describe me and what I do. All day, every day, all I want to do is capture life’s moments. This was the perfect little, wooden quote&picture to go in my room, to go well with my other bits of quotes and itsy bitsy things. The colour scheme is great too because it reminds me of summer again and is bright enough to bring colour to my room. I thought this was the perfect gift for all those photography and snapchat lovers out there. As if this item couldn’t get any better, it was only £2 from Primark! Another bargain and it is definitely my favourite product out of this haul!!



I don’t even know what to say about this top, other than it is utterly adorable! I’m not going to lie, I spent a good few minutes chuckling to myself due to the pun on this t-shirt. Who doesn’t love unicorns? And I’m sure everyone likes ice cream, so this is the perfect t-shirt. It is a jersey material, that’s quite high necked and has the style of looking like it’s been cut along the bottom, which I love and is really in at the moment. There isn’t much to say about this t-shirt, apart from the fact that it is amazing and hilarious! Also another bargain from Primark, only £6! You’d be mad not to buy one.



This gorgeous top would be amazing to wear on holiday and look great with a tan. Although, I did wear it today when it was freezing but I had to show it off, it’s too cute not to! It’s cotton material so it’s super comfy, which is the main aspect I look for in clothes. The embroidery at the top makes the top look really cute and summery and the embroidery around the front and back gives the vest more character, whilst not showing too much of the body underneath. This vest top is definitely one for summer which is the only down side, as it will have to go away for winter and most of autumn. It’s from River Island in the sale, so they may not have many left but it was reduced to £15, which is extremely good for River Island.



First of all, I apologise for the quality of this photo-it’s took on my phone instead of my camera and my mirror really needs a clean! But let’s talk about the skirt…I cannot get enough! The design is absolutely beautiful and the colour is gorgeous; I am loving pale pinks at the moment and I think they go really well with any skin tone and make anyone look classy and fabulous! The bow and the buckle really did it for me though. It is such a simple design, yet it makes the skirt look so elegant and classy. I will definitely be wearing this on holiday and generally through summer, whilst saving it for winter when it gets a bit colder and wearing it with tights and a cosy jumper. It’s for all year round, meaning you’d definitely get your moneys worth out of it. I bought this from River Island, in the sale again for £15, so it may not be there anymore, but I saw a lot of suede skirts in the sale, so definitely pop into your local shop to pick one up if you’re looking for a bargain!

Thanks so much for reading my blog post and I hope you loved these items as much as I did! If so, then grab some friends and plan a day dedicated to shopping, I’m sure you will find lots of new treats. There are also a lot of sales on at the moment so that’s another advantage. Go splash the cash!

I’ll be uploading another post this weekend so watch out for it!


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