Hello Hello Hello! Today, I am going to share how I got ready for my first spray tan. Hopefully this will help you to prepare for your first spray tan or to prepare better for spray tans you get regularly. I definitely learnt a lot from having this done and I hope I can give you some tips to help you too!


This is pretty self explanatory because who wants to get a spray tan when they’re dirty, right? You may be surprised that many people don’t shower before a spray tan; especially when they get more used to having them and can’t be bothered showering beforehand. However, this is a very important part of having a spray tan! This allows all the dirt and oils to be scraped off so that none of your tan clings to those areas. Also, for hygiene reasons, this is very important- you will not be allowed to shower 8 hours after you’ve had the spray tan done.


It’s our favourite thing to do girls, get our shaver out for the millionth time and shave hairs that grow back just as fast as they did the time before. Many people forget this step as they only think of the hygiene reasons and keeping moisturised. But shaving is another important thing to do before a spray tan, especially if you’re having it done for a special occasion where parts of your body will be showing. Remember- you will not be able to shave your legs after your spray tan as the blades will take the tan off or leave very dodgy tan lines! When I shaved, I used the Venus & Olay shaver, with the Veet hair removal cream. I must warn you, this hair removal cream really does not smell nice but it sure as hell does the trick! I made sure I shaved my legs, arms and bikini line, managing to not cut myself as that wouldn’t react well with the tan.



This step is definitely my worst but an extremely important one! This is so that all of the dead skin, hanging around your body, is scraped off so that no tan will cling to it- this would be a disaster and make your tan very patchy. To exfoliate the best you can, you will need a scrub product- I used Soap & Glory’s Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub. You will also need an exfoliating scrubber which is like a hard sponge and is designed especially for exfoliating. I mainly used this for my elbows and knees as they are the parts of your body that hold the most dead skin. However I used the Breakfast Scrub all over my body, not forgetting the neck which is very easily forgotten, and I actually used the whole tub!


When you get a spray tan done, this is really all the professionals bang on about but they are right! Dry areas are where the tan sticks to the most, making it very patchy and uneven. Therefore, by moisturising the whole body, you can’t have any dry areas. As I mentioned in the step above, your knees and elbows are the main parts of your body that hold the most dead skin, so a lot of the moisturiser needs to go here. I used the nspa raspberry body butter as it is very rich and thick so covered my body well(not to mention how amazing it smelt!!). All I can say about moisturising before a spray tan, is just don’t hold back! Smother yourself in as much moisturiser as possible, especially if you have very dry skin, and your tan will look flawless.


Finally to round up, wear very loose clothing and dark underwear! I wore joggers, a loose top and black underwear. Good luck if it’s your first time having a spray tan and I hope these tips have helped you prepare well for your tanning trips in the future! Let me know in the comments about your spray tan experiences and any tips you have to help me in the future. Thankyou so much for reading this post and I will see you next week with another.


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