Hello Hello Hellooo! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and are getting all summery and relaxed! Today, I’m going to quickly share my thoughts on the new season of Orange Is The New Black. This is going to be very short and sweet as I don’t want to give too much away.

I have recently just finished season 4 and could not stop binge watching it! It is definitely gripping, let me tell you that. Without giving away too many spoilers, incase some of you haven’t watched it, here are a few of my most gripping events of season 4:

  • the battle between the police officers and the inmates
  • the battle of the races
  • the mystery of what was happening with Sophia
  • the battle of Piper and another inmate’s business
  • the arrival of Nicky
  • Alex’s life threatening mistake
  • Judy’s special treatment
  • the mischief Crazy Eyes got herself into
  • the death of a very loved inmate

These events are not in order of how they happened, although a lot of them are going on through many episodes. Orange is the New Black has never failed to keep shocking us and keeping us gripped to watch more, but I have never been more gripped to a series before. I must have watched the whole series in under a week, trying to watch an extra episode whenever I could!

If you have never watched Orange is the New Black, it is definitely one for everyone (as long as you are over the age of at least 15). It’s about an all women’s prison, set in America, which shows the troubles that the inmates have in the prison and their stories of how they got there. The women have allsorts of different personalities and there are so many themes in every episode, meaning it fits almost everyone! At first I was very wary about Orange is the New Black, as I’d heard many disturbing stories about it. However, my friend urged me to watch at least one episode to see if I liked it and since then, I haven’t stopped! So like my friend did, I am urging you to watch at least the first episode if you’ve never watched it before, just so you can see how amazing it is, like I did!

I’ve realised I am rambling on and this isn’t turning into a very quick review, so I’m going to leave it there, for you all to enjoy your summer watching this amazing TV series. You can find it on Netflix, which mainly everyone has access to nowadays, so go and enjoy!! Make sure to like this post if you’ve enjoyed it and leave comments if you like this review or could recommend any more things for me to watch then review. Thanks so much for reading!



  1. J says:

    I totally agree with you that the fourth series of OITNB could be described as gripping, how could it not be with all of those events you mentioned happening over such a short space of time!
    If you are interested, I recently wrote my own post about this series at adropintheoceanweb.wordpress.com/2016/07/26/review-orange-is-the-new-black/.
    Happy Blogging 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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