Hello hello helloo! I hope you’re all lovely and well. Today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on Tanya Burr’s new creation, Tanya Bakes and how I found making the birthday cake was.

First of all I was making this birthday cake for my niece who was 13 on Friday, but as I am rubbish at baking, I needed to ask my mum to assist me in the kitchen, because I would have probably made a mess of it. I think Tanya’s book is so aesthetic and super easy to use!IMG_1454

Anyone can use this, from chefs to beginners as she explains things thoroughly and there are different recipes for different types of people; some are harder than others. I would say I am probably a beginner and I probably went for one of the hardest things to make! However with a little bit of help from an expert, like my mum, it was very successful and sometimes you can learn more doing the harder things with an expert, rather than the easy things just with the book. I know I definitely did!


Now my cake obviously didn’t look as beautiful as this one but we tried our hardest to make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. There were quite a lot of ingredients in this cake so we spent a lot of money on this and you also need 3 round tins, each 21cm. If you don’t have this many round tins, as we didn’t, you can always ask around family and friends and I’m sure you’ll end up with three quickly enough.

Overall, the cake was very easy to make but more time consuming than we thought. Tanya has wrote 20 minutes for the prep time, however it took us double the time, maybe treble including the icing too. Cooking and baking books always say it takes a shorter time than it actually does because they are experts and can do it twice as fast as us beginners. That’s definitely a heads up for all you beginners who think it won’t take long, make sure you have enough time and aren’t rushing to get off anywhere. However, the more you bake, the quicker it will get.



As we only thought it was going to take 40 minutes including cooking time, we were quite rushed towards the end to finish the icing which is why the icing and sprinkles could have been a lot neater. The hardest part I found was trying to add the sprinkles to the sides. I ended up throwing them on in a rush but I’m sure there has to be a neater way to do it- if you know, please let me know in the comments below.


When making the cake, we decided to put our own little twist on it to make it look more fun! We used blue, green and red food colouring but you will not be able to tell here as it came out green, yellow and brown which was not planned but there was no harm done; we weren’t going for any specific colours. I do suggest that you put more food colouring in than we did if you do want a specific colour for the cake. However a drop of red food colouring did the trick for the pink icing.

I was very proud of this first attempt and everyone said it was delicious, thank goodness! The cake was very light, which was lovely but the icing was quite sickly so I suggest not smothering the cake in icing if you were to do it yourself. Thankyou so much for reading, give it a like and comment below if you enjoyed it and want me to do more of these. I will see you next week with another post!

Remember-seize the day!!


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