Hello hello hello! I hope you’re all having a lovely summer and making the most of it because it’s nearly over!! Yes, you wouldn’t believe it but I have found a totally affordable dupe for yeezy’s. Just incase any of you don’t know what yeezy’s are, they are trainers that Kanye West has designed and supplies. However, they are sold out within minutes when back in stock and are also very expensive! I have always dreamed of having these shoes, not so much for the brand but for the comfort because they look so so so comfortable. As I am very lazy, I am never online quick enough to buy them so I gave up hope! Then, I was in my local primark looking for some cheap shoes for work and I stumbled across a pair of shoes that look identical to yeezy’s..IN PRIMARK! I couldn’t believe the price and how comfortable they were when I tried them on.


I could not find any fault with these apart from the fact that they are quite light coloured so would get dirty easily and show clearly. They feel so lightweight on your feet, you feel like you have no shoes on at all! I’ve had these for over 2 weeks now and have worn them near enough everyday because they are so comfortable. I would definitely recommend them, I feel they are worth so much more than £12. Primark is truly the best place to shop!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I am very sorry I haven’t uploaded in a while but I have been very busy enjoying my summer. Please like this post and leave a comment if you enjoyed it. Also follow me for more posts like these and I will try to find more dupes so we can all save our money!! I will be uploading a post tomorrow morning at 10am on back to college essentials that are all under £5 so watch out for it- see you then!

Remember to always do things that make you happy, and if you’re doing something that you aren’t happy doing, then stop doing it. It’s very simple, it is your life.


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