Back to college essentials haul-All under £5

Hello hello hello! I hope you’re all having a lovely morning and are feeling energised and ready to start the day! As it’s getting quite close to the time when people go back to school, college, uni and work, I decided to do a post on back to college essentials as I’m going back to college next week and had just bought a lot of things in the sale. If you’re anything like me then you wouldn’t have bought any stationary a week before going back either! But don’t worry because there are so many cheap things you can pick up quickly from your local shopping centre. So let’s get started!

‘Things to do’ pack


Store: The Range

Price: £2.99

Like: The little tabs are perfect for sticking in journals and have the perfect notes on them

Dislike: The ‘things to do’ list isn’t a sticky note so couldn’t be stuck down easily like the rest



2 Files


Store: The Range

Price: £1 each

Like: They are very sturdy and are lovely colours (they have a variety of other colours too)

Dislike: They may not be big enough for all the work you are asked to do



6 Pastel Pencils


Store: The Range

Price: £1

Like: They are lovely colours and have a rubber already ontop

Dislike: They don’t come sharpened which is very annoying



Multi-coloured paperclips


Store: The Range

Price: £1

Like: There are 250 and the colours can be used for significant pieces of work, to group them together

Dislike: They spilt everywhere when I opened them- they are packed very tightly (so don’t open them in a meeting/ infront of important people you want to impress)



Academic Diary


Store: The Works

Price: £1

Like: The size and colour are great, as it’s A5 and black, very plain

Dislike: There isn’t much room to write things in each day, I personally would prefer more



Pencil Case (which is actually a cosmetics bag)


Store: WHSmiths

Price: £4.99

Like: The pattern is gorgeous and it looks so much more expensive than it is

Dislike: It is quite big so isn’t very good if you have a small bag with lots of other things to fit in too



Pen Pot


Store: Ryman’s

Price: £1.99

Like: It is very simple and clear so will go with any colour of a room

Dislike: It’s quite small and doesn’t fit as much as I’d like to fit in



Mini Highlighters


Store: Paperchase

Price: £2.25

Like: They are absolutely adorable, small enough to fit perfectly into pencil cases and have a range of colours

Dislike: I couldn’t find one!!





Store: Next

Price: £32- This is not under £5 like the others but is definitely on the cheaper side of the price of bags

Like: It’s huge so will fit in all my college work

Dislike: It doesn’t have a zip, so if it rains, my college work could get wet

You may realise a few big essentials are missing from this haul, as I already had them at home. Things such as pens, a ruler, rubber and sharpener which can be bought from any of the shops I mentioned, as the majority of them have sales on at the moment, so nothing is too expensive!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this haul, please like it and comment down below if you like the way this haul has been set out and the items I mentioned. Give me a follow also if you like these types of hauls because I love finding cheap items, so I’ll be doing lots more of these! See you later on in the week.

Remember to spread a little happiness, smile and pass it on.



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