Hello hello hello!! I hope you’re all well and enjoying my posts regularly at the moment. I have decided to post everyday this week to make up for all the weeks I’ve had off. They are going to be experimental posts about very random things, to figure out what you all like so please leave a comment and like the posts that you do like so I have an idea of what kind of things to post about more. Today, I’m trying a new series called ‘photos with meaning’ which is basically photos I have taken, that I feel have a deep meaningful purpose to why I have taken the picture.


So firstly, footprints are my absolute favourite things at the moment, especially when abroad, on a beach. I feel that this picture of my footprints shows the individuality of everyone, just like a thumb print of all the swirls we have that show who we are, this is exactly the same. No footprint is the same as any other- even from the same person, you can see here that my two feet are not the exact same. I also think footprints show how beautiful the human body is and how complex the curves and toes are.


This is another footprints picture as I’ve just told you how much I love them! I think this image also shows the individuality of everyone but also how similar everyone is in their personality. All these footprints show how many people have come to the beach to either have fun, relax or for work, but either way, they have chosen to come down to the beach because they enjoy it. Footprints also don’t show the race, colour, religion, weight or height of a person, showing how equal we all are deep inside; no one can judge someone based on their footprint. Also, I feel that footprints on a beach are a way of making your mark. Even though they are going to be washed away or stood on, they are a way of making your mark wherever you go, and each footprint shows a different memory of traveling someone has done.


This picture of the sea rolling on the sand, shows how calm the sea is and how much of a relaxing place the beach is. As a person with a lot of anxiety, I feel that listening to the sea and watching the sea roll in on the sand, is very calming and almost washes my troubles away. I feel that this picture shows the calmness and helps me imagine the sound of the sea which is calming enough, therefore there is no need for me to go down to the beach or listen to a clip because this image portrays everything I think of to calm me down on a beach. I have also read many books and articles on how calming the sea is for people with anxiety, therefore this picture is perfect.


Now I found this graffiti on a wall in Portugal and just had to take a picture of it. I think this type of graffiti and art should be allowed anywhere, especially when they’re sending a positive message. With everything going on in the world, I thought this little sign of someone trying to create peace in the world instead of war, by using a simple tick box, really shows how simple it should be to get peace in the world. Although it in fact isn’t that simple, with more messages like these, I feel that it can spread more peace throughout the world. War/ fighting/ arguments are never the answer! We are all human beings who are completely equal and we shouldn’t let religion, race, weight, gender, sexuality or other differences change the way we see each other or provoke us to fight. I think peace is an extremely significant part of the world that is missing and needs to be changed.

Thankyou ever so much for reading this post and if you’ve enjoyed it, please give it a like and comment your thoughts or any other interpretations you have of these photos down below. I really hope you all have a lovely day and I’ll see you at the same time tomorrow!

Remember to spread love and peace throughout the world always!


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