Hello hello hellooo!! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend and making the most of it. Today is going to be a bit of a chatty post about youtubers, because recently I have been obsessed with youtube and have been subscribing to so many people that I’ve lost count which vlogs I have watched and which vlogs I haven’t! I thought as I’m getting so obsessed, I’ll have to do a blog post on it, so here I am! I’m going to be sharing my favourite youtubers(there could be quite a lot so get a cup of tea and a snack at the ready!-I may end up splitting this into 2 parts) and giving examples of their most recent vlogs and telling you generally what I like about them. So let’s get started!!

The Queen of Youtube-Zoella

I am going to talk about these youtubers as if you’ve never heard of them because some of you might not have, so Zoella’s real name is Zoe Sugg and she has two channels-Zoella and MoreZoella. On her first channel, Zoella, the videos consist of beauty, games with friends, stationary, homeware, clothing and cosmetic hauls. Her 5 most recent videos are: Autumn Bath & Body Works Haul, Most Likely To: Tanya Edition, July Favourites 2016, Ultimate Friendship Test With Mark, and a Q&A. I absolutely love watching these videos as she is very inspiring, although  my bank account does not like the hauls! Her second channel, MoreZoella, is her vlogging channel where she vlogs some of her exciting days. She doesn’t do this everyday but at the moment, she is really getting back into it which I absolutely love. The videos are so funny and completely real so you really get an insight into her life. Her last 5 videos are: Photoshoot Fun & Signed Books, Jilted At The Alter, The Ultimate Tourists, I Want An Armadillo, and Arriving In Edinburgh. I really recommend everyone to watch Zoe’s vlogs if they haven’t already because there is nothing you will love more!!

ThatcherJoe & ThatcherJoeVlogs

Thatcher Joe is Joe Sugg, Zoe’s brother, who has three channels: a vlogging one, a fun main channel one, and a gaming one, however I don’t watch his gaming channel as it is aimed more at people who play Xbox and online games. He is absolutely hilarious and always cheers me up when I watch his videos. On his main channel, ThatcherJoe, his latest videos are: Reacting To Animal Birth, Sister Vs Brother-In-Law, On The Spot Impressions, Reacting To Your Confessions 2, and Lets Talk About Sex.. These are videos of him on his own or with friends/family in one room, mainly playing games. However, his other channel, ThatcherJoeVlogs, are him vlogging his days like Zoe does, but not daily. His 5 latest videos are: I Can Finally Reveal It, OMG Coke Bubbles?!, Is This Too Controversial?, My Birthday Present Came Early, and Road Trip Singing With Zoe. Him and Zoe are both so unique and fun to watch so again I recommend both of these channels as he is so funny to watch.


Tanya is such a genuine girl who only has one channel but mixes both the beauty, baking and haul vlogs with vlogs of her day, just all on one channel. She doesn’t do many vlogs of her day but when she does, they are very special and fun to watch. Her 5 latest videos are, Puppy Tricks & A Joe Sugg Visit!, The Best Day With Zoe!, How To Bake a Rainbow Cake, House Décor & Tour!, and Tanya Burr And Zoella 5 Minute Makeup Challenge! I would definitely recommend Tanya, however it took me a lot longer to get into her videos than it did with Zoe and Joe’s. She mainly does beauty, so she has the best make-up tips and does many tutorials to help you. I find her videos very helpful.


These are probably my second favourite youtubers, after Zoella. They are the most adorable family and do daily vlogs of their lives which are so cute as their children are the most gorgeous children ever!! The family are- Jonathan and Anna, the parents, and Emilia and Eduardo, the children. They also have 6 dogs!!!! There isn’t much to say about them, other than they are just so cute and it makes you want little kids in your life!! You basically just need to watch their videos! Their latest vlogs are: It Finally Happened!, Tattoo Surprise!, Baby Bath Challenge!, Is The Holiday Over?!, and Her First Bikini! I honestly can’t recommend this youtube channel enough! They make me happy every single day and I always always look forward to watching their videos no matter what mood I’m in!


I’m sure you all know Roman Atwood too, he is a youtuber who does pranks on his main channel but family, daily vlogs on his second channel, RomanAtwoodVlogs. His main channel is just RomanAtwood. His family are-his girlfriend Brittney and his two sons, Noah and Kane. He also has two dogs, a german shepherd and a husky. Roman promotes positivity through his merchandise called ‘Smile More’ which he talks about all the time and is constently giving advice to all his subscribers to keep smiling no matter how bad things are going in their life. His latest vlogs are: The Big Secret!!, We Have Really Good News!!, He Ripped My Cast Off!! Challenge Gone Wrong!, Charging Me $40,000+ To Skydive!!, and Back To The Hospital!! Put In A Cast! I also really recommend this channel to males, as my boyfriend is obsessed with Roman.

PointlessBlog & PointlessBlogVlogs

Pointless Blog is Alfie Deyes, Zoella’s boyfriend. He makes fun videos on his main channel, which is just PointlessBlog, where he films videos with his friends and challenges which are so fun to watch. His latest videos are: Couples Lie Detector Test, The Best Game (Rude), Zalfie Ice Cream Taste Test, The Water War Challenge, and Answering Your Questions. I personally like this channel better than his daily vlogs on his second channel, PointlessBlogVlogs. The daily vlogs can get very repetitive but he sometimes has very fun days which are really good to watch, so as long as you don’t commit to watching all of them, the fun ones you will enjoy. His latest vlogs are: Help Zoe, Crazy Diamond Ring, Okay Lets Talk About It, Trying Black Water, and We All Got Married. I do recommend these two channels if you like Zoe as she is in the vlogs too and if you like lots of vlogs to be uploaded as he always uploads a vlog every single day on his second channel.

Marcus Butler & MoreMarcus

Marcus Butler is a very funny(and attractive) youtuber, he does many challenges on both of his channels. On his main channel, Marcus Butler, he does challenges with his friends, ‘types of people’ videos and funny stories of his experiences growing up, mainly. They are extremely funny and are uploaded every week. His latest videos are: Mum Walked In On Us-Story Time, The Ultimate Youtuber Olympics, 7 Types Of Awkward Situations, 5 types Of Annoying People On Planes, and Pokémon Go vs Reality. His second channel, MoreMarcus is very similar as the videos are also challenges but are mainly online tests which are hilarious, or tests his friend, Matt, has come up with and tests him on. Some of his latest videos are: Reacting To Weird People On Tinder, A Kiss? Reading Dirty Myler Fanfiction, How Much Do I Know About Sex?, Having Fun In Edinburgh, and My Room Tour. His videos aren’t generally that sexual but they can be so if you are quite young, I wouldn’t recommend watching his videos, but they are perfect for 13 and over.

Mark Ferris

Mark is a very new youtuber and has only recently got popular due to his friendship growing with Zoe Sugg. Although his techniques aren’t as good as the professional youtubers, he is hilarious and like a male version of Zoe. My favourite vlogs of his are of him and Zoe because they are so funny together and I feel like I relate to them a lot! His videos are very varied at the moment, they can be vlogs of his days, challenges, baking videos and Q&A’s. His latest videos are: Crazy Roadtrip-Vlog, Doing Cheyenne’s Make Up, Raspberry Cupcakes- Baking W/ Mark, Youtuber Crush Moving To Brighton & Dating Viewers, and My Most Emotional Day:’). I would definitely recommend Mark’s channel if you like watching Zoe’s vlogs, as like I said, he is like a male version of her.

Jade Billington

Jade is another new ish youtuber who isn’t as popular as the rest that I have mentioned. However I love her vlogs just as much! She mainly does videos of challenges and DIY’s, but has been doing more vlogs than normal recently so is starting to do vlogs of her day a lot more. She has some brilliant ideas and is so positive that she instantly lifts my mood when I watch her videos. Her latest videos are: Primark Haul Autumn Fall 2016!!, Wool Fights Kittens & Spiders Oh My, Dinner With Hobbie Stuart & A Heart To Heart, High End vs Poundland Makeup! Does It Work?!, and Jade Vlogs & Two Video’s A Week?! Also what I love about her channel, is that in the background and clipart of her videos, there are very bright colours and suitable colours for the season. I really recommend Jade because she is such a bubbly and happy person, her videos are very fun and uplifting.


Caspar Lee is a South African youtuber who lives in London now, and is friends with Joe Sugg and the rest of his friends. He does a lot of videos that are similar to Joe’s as they are very similar people. There are a lot of pranks, challenges and funny sarcastic videos. He also has a lot of famous people on his channel, which increase the views and his subscribers but are so funny to watch. His latet videos are: British Boys vs American Girls- Epic Nerf Battle, Ultimate Youtube Party Challenge, Cara Delevingne Shows Me Her Underpants, Laid In America Official Trailer (2016)- KSI, Caspar Lee Movie, and Fake Carpool Karaoke Fail! As you can see from all the titles of his videos, he is very adventurous and varied in what he uploads but they are extremely funny and I really recommend his channel if you like ThatcherJoe’s channel.

Thankyou ever so much for reading this post, I hope I have recommended some youtubers you haven’t seen before, that are perfect for you. If you have never watched youtube videos like these before then I really recommend them as they take you away from real life situations and are extremely funny to watch. I promise you, that you will not be let down! Please like this post if you want a part 2, as I have many more youtubers to share with you and give me a follow if you like posts like these. See you next week!

Remember, if you are not willing to look stupid, nothing great is ever going to happen to you.


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