Hello hello hellooo!! I hope you’re all doing well and loving the September weather! Today I’m going to be showing you my make-up bags and what I put in them. This will hopefully give you all ideas to change or buy your own make-up bags, if you had no ideas.

First of all, I have my main make-up bag which is one of the cheapest! I had this before all of the others so I got used to putting all of my main make-up products in it. As I was so used to it, I didn’t want to move the products into my new bags, even though they would have been a much better size. This make-up bag is just one from H&M that my friend bought me because I was desperate for a new one. I absolutely love the colour and even though it is quite small, it fits exactly what I need in it.


The next bags I got were a pack of three from Victoria’s Secret. I was completely in love with these as soon as I saw them. So firstly, the biggest bag out of the three, is the bag I use for my make-up brushes, beauty blenders, tweezers and other little bits like that. It’s the perfect bag for brushes because it’s so big and slim so it wouldn’t fit big, chunky make-up products in; however brushes and appliers are perfect. I also find the pattern so sophisticated and classy.


The second Victoria’s Secret bag is a little smaller, but not the smallest! I use this for my nail varnishes because I have so many and they wouldn’t fit in any of the smaller ones. Although, I wouldn’t be able to fit anymore of them in now, so maybe I should invest in another.. Out of all of my make-up bags, this is the one I use the least as I don’t apply nail varnish every single day, like I do with the rest of my make-up. However, it still looks really cute in my make-up drawer and keeps all of my nail varnishes compact.


The last Victoria’s Secret bag is much smaller! As you can see, there aren’t much products in this bag as not much can actually fit in. However, it is perfect for little bits which can’t fit in my main make-up bag. I decided to put in my eye and eyebrow products, so there is my eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow sticks, my many eyebrow pencils and my eyebrow kit in there. I find this very easy and efficient to sort out all of my make-up into categories. It’s also see through which I love in a make-up bag so that you know exactly what is in.


Finally, my last make-up bag is one from Benefit, that I actually got free with a few products from boots. I needed an extra make-up bag so was so thankful for this! I use this bag for my lipsticks and lip liners, which I have recently had a sort through so I have hardly any left. The bag is see through which I absolutely love, as I just said, because it makes products so much easier to find. It is very simple, but a really good size and I can keep adding more lipsticks and it won’t fill up too quickly.


So they’re my make-up bags! Obviously it depends how much make-up you have to determine the size of your make-up bags and how many you have but I have recently gone through all of it so I don’t have as much as I used to. I still hope I have given you some ideas for your own make-up bags and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post; if you have then please give it a like and follow me if you want more posts like these. Thankyou so much for reading, I love you all very much and I will see you when I next upload, on Sunday!

Remember, if you don’t succeed the first time…try, try, try again!


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