Hello hello hellooo! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I have missed a week of my fitness plan as I had a very busy week so didn’t really work out. However, now this is the second week of my fitness plan, but I have decided that I’m no longer going to run. This is because, the reason I don’t want to go to the gym is because I know I will have to run, but in fact I actually don’t! I would just like to remind you all that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, and if you don’t like an activity I have in my fitness plan, then feel free to change it to something similar that you enjoy.

  • Bike: cycle for 10k at your own level/pace and slightly increase it as you pass each kilometre
  • Stepper: 3 minutes on level 5
  • Squats: 20 reps with dumbbells X2
  • Side stretches: 15 reps on each side, with dumbbells X2
  • Lat Pull Down machine: 20 reps of your preferred weight X2
  • Body twists: 20 reps with dumbbells X2
  • Leg lifts: 20 reps X2
  • Calf Raises: 20 reps X2
  • Crunches: 15 reps X2
  • Bum lifts: 20 reps X2

Now this week is much shorter and works on toning rather than a lot of cardio, as there is a lot of exercises on the mat. I hope you all found this very useful. If you are unsure on what any exercises are then either ask down below in the comments or google it. I hope you all really enjoyed this post, if you did then please give it a like and follow me to carry on with this fitness plan. I love you all very much, come back on Wednesday for a Halloween special, which I’m extremely excited about!! See you then!

Remember to think positive and positive things will happen.


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