Hello hello hellooo!! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Today, I’m going to be sharing my 5 Halloween makeup looks with you all. This took a lot of time and effort so I’d really appreciate it if you gave it a like if you enjoy it and comment which is your favourite. I’m also going to warn you that some of these did fail miserably but I thought I’d share them with you anyway. By the way, please excuse my serious face on all of these pictures, I laugh every time I see how serious I look. I promise I did enjoy doing this post, even though I don’t look that happy haha!

BLACK EYE WITH A FAIL OF A BRUISE-what a great start


First of all, I did my black eye which was extremely simple as I just used black eyeshadow. I didn’t want to leave the other eye bare, so I used a sparkly, dark purple eyeshadow for my eyelid.


Now this bruise didn’t exactly go to plan..it doesn’t really look like a bruise does it? However I tried! I used a mixture of dark and light purple eyeshadow then used a red, to add the blood/pain look. I then used a grey/green eyeshadow which didn’t turn out as green as I wanted, which is probably why it doesn’t look that realistic, haha!


Finally, I added a dark purple lip to finish the gothic look.



First of all I just used black eyeshadow over my lid and just under my eyes, making sure it’s all around my eyes so that they look as gothic as they can.


I apologise for this awful quality picture, my camera wasn’t in focus! I basically just added red eyeshadow around all of the black, making a thicker line of it on the top and a thinner line underneath my eyes.


I then used a red lipliner to make zigzag lines under my eyes, however it didn’t come off very red, it was more of a pinky colour. Therefore, I used a very thin eyeshadow brush and dabbed a bit of red eyeshadow over the lipliner, so that it looked more red.


After the red, I did smaller zigzags in between the red ones, using my eyebrow powder as the brush is much thinner and I thought it would stick better than eyeshadow.


Finally, I added red lipstick, which finished off the final vampire inspired look.



Now I actually think my eyes look quite creepy on this, anyone agree? All I used was black eyeshadow and then dark purple around the edges. I did my lid and under my eyes, but mainly smudged the purple underneath my eyes to make me look more gothic.


I then added a dark purple lipstick, then used a mixture of black and dark purple eyeshadow to make the creepy smile. This is probably the most simple look which really didn’t take me long. However, I really don’t think it suits me!!



Firstly, I just did the basic black eyeshadow on my eyelid and a thin layer underneath. Then, I added a dark purple lipstick, as I thought I’d do the easiest bits first.


This is what happened to my eyes..at first I started to make it really neat but then realised that was never going to happen as my skin just kept moving and it was going everywhere! I just used my own liquid eyeliner and started from the bottom of my eyes and did a messy line to where I thought was necessary. I decided to call these lines ‘web tears’ as they are very messy like tears but obviously don’t look like normal tears. To make them more ‘web-like’, I drew little crosses at the bottom of 3 of the lines, on each eye. If you don’t like how messy it is, you can obviously do it much neater if you want to try it yourself.


To finish off the look, I used black eyeshadow to create a line where I would normally contour, as I thought this made my face look more chiselled and scary.



Firstly, I used sparkly, silver eyeshadow on my eyelid, then red eyeshadow all the way under my eye. This creates the bold look a clown has.


Now for the main bit, I used eyeliner to create triangles under my eyes as the signature clown look. I then added two circles onto the end of the biggest triangle to make myself look more like a clown. The triangles on the outer end, are the thinnest and most pointy, whereas the inner triangles are much thicker and shorter. I think this looked really effective over the red eyeshadow.


I then added a dark purple lip and highlighter which you can’t really see on this picture. As you can see, I’ve added a line where I would usually contour, as it makes my face look scarier and more chiselled. I think this is probably my favourite look but please comment down below your favourite, I’d love to know!

So that’s it! I hope you all really enjoyed it; if you did, please give it a like and follow for more makeup posts. If you would like me to do Christmas makeup looks, then please comment down below. Thankyou so much for reading, I love you all very much! I’ll see you this weekend for another Halloween special!

Remember on Halloween your meant to dress up as something scary.. not attractive and pretty.


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