Hello hello helllllooooo!! I hope you’re all having a lovely November! I have recently been very creative and made a very exciting ADVENT CALENDAR!!!! Yes it is nearly December, meaning it is nearly time for Advent calendars to be opened and the countdown to Christmas will officially start!! Me and my best friend thought it would be good if we made each other an Advent calendar this year, but to use other presents as well as chocolate. The limit was £20 and I think I’ve done quite well creating this, so I’m going to go through it step by step with you, so you can make one too. It’s extremely simple but looks sooo effective.


Step 1

Gather all equipment together, you will need: a coat hanger, decorative tape(or other bits and bobs you want to decorate the coat hanger with), scissors, sellotape, string, wrapping paper, glitter/colourful pens, self adhesive address labels and of course PRESENTS!! For the presents, we decided together that we were going to have little sweets and chocolates for most of the days, then 6 big presents thrown in on random days. I thought it would be best to lay out all of the presents in order of 1st-24th so that it made the wrapping step easier. If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s what I bought:


Step 2

Firstly, I decorated the coat hanger with sparkly tape I had from my scrapbooking. I thought this was super festive and still looks classy. You can use whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t weigh it down.


Step 3

Next, I wrapped all of my presents tightly with very very festive wrapping paper. (I was feeling extremely festive at this point!) I used two different kinds of wrapping paper to make it look more colourful and exciting.


Step 4

Once they were all wrapped, I used the self adhesive address labels and cut them into about 4 or 5 then stuck one on each present. I then wrote the numbers 1-24 on them, with different coloured glitter pens.


Step 5

Moving onto the coat hanger again, I cut different lengths of string so that the presents would hang from the coat hanger at different lengths to make sure it doesn’t look messy and clumpy. I then tied each piece of string onto the bottom of the coat hanger, making sure I put different lengths next to each other so that it would all look even.


Step 6

Finally, I simply stuck on all the presents randomly, with sellotape. I used a few pieces of sellotape for the heavier presents, as they would fall off otherwise.


How easy is that?! It seems so difficult but is actually very easy once you get on with it! It only took me about 2 hours to do it all which isn’t a lot of time out of my day at all! Thankyou so so much for reading, I really hope you’ve enjoyed it; if you did then please give it a like and follow me for more Christmas posts. If you haven’t seen my last post on TOP 10 CHRISTMAS FILMS then be sure to check it out and comment any of your favourites, I’d love to watch some new ones! Also, comment and let me know if you like this kind of thing or are going to try making this yourself, I’d love to see the results!! I love you all very much and I’ll see you this weekend for another Christmas post.

Remember to be patient and don’t open all of advent calendar in the space of an hour. Don’t ruin the surprise. Test your patience.


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