Hello hello helloooo!! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! ITS DECEMBER YAAAAAYYY!!!! I cannot express my excitement for Christmas, I love it too much!!!! December is the best month of the year by far! On Wednesday I took a trip to Liverpool to see my sister, which was so lovely because I hadn’t seen her in ages. We went all around Liverpool One and through the Christmas markets(which there weren’t many of but it still made me feel Christmassy!!) So I’m going to be sharing my exciting day with you all!

Firstly we just went back to my sisters place and had a hot chocolate whilst listening to Christmas songs, and had a good catch up, it was perfect! We got a little carried away and only ended up leaving hers at 4!! We then decided to go shopping around Liverpool and check out some of the Christmassy shops like John Lewis and Debenhams! I got loads of ideas for Christmas presents, it was actually very useful!

There are so many Christmas decorations it’s impossible to not be instantly filled with the Christmas spirit! It was awesome, I loved every single light.


We then got hungry very very quickly so we went to TGI Friday’s which was insane! I really recommend the mozzarella dippers for a starter or even get two portions for a main, they are insane!!!! I also had chicken fingers for my main which were amazing too, it was a well deserved meal from all of our shopping.


Next, we went to the Christmas markets which were very small but soo nice because it wasn’t that busy or cramped, so we could leisurely walk through them taking everything in. I bought a stick with chocolate covered strawberries on which was £4!!!!!!! An absolute rip off, a pound a strawberry! But it was extremely good so I’ll let her off. My sister bought a macaroon with half of it coloured in white chocolate which she rated as ‘okay’ (she didn’t really like the chocolate covered bit). There weren’t many other things, just mainly food, but I did think one stall was very good- they were selling Christmas tree ornaments and you could write your names and the year on them, which I thought was such a good idea for new families or even couples. However they were far too expensive so I didn’t pick one up. Weirdly there was a blow up Shrek head and hands on top of the St Georges building too…it was actually quite creepy!


After that, I went back home even though I really didn’t want to leave my sister! I had a lovely day though and felt extremely Christmassy! I loved all of the Christmas markets, even though there wasn’t many of them, and would definitely recommend them and for you to go to Liverpool One for a good Christmas shop!

Thankyou so much for reading, please give it a like if you enjoyed it and follow me for more, as I’m going to start doing more Christmas posts to fit all of my ideas in before Christmas Day! I love you all very much, I’ll see you on Sunday for another post!



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