Hello hello helllooooo!! I hope you’re all having a lovely day and getting very festive! Today I’m going to be sharing my Christmas essentials I think everyone should have. So let’s get started!

Christmas handcream: I have the Zoella gingerbread hungry hands handcream and The Body Shop spiced apple handcream.


Gingerbread/cinnamon cookies: I made lots of gingerbread cookies and always grab some cinnamon cookies from the Christmas markets.


Vlogmas: If you don’t watch youtube then you honestly need to around Christmas time!! I recommend Zoella, Tanya Burr, Joe Sugg, PointlessBlog and SacconeJoly’s. But only if you have to pick one, it has to be Zoella, she is the queen of Christmas on youtube!


A Christmas playlist: If you haven’t seen my Christmas playlist post then check it out in my General Lifestyle category, to get some ideas and if you love that then you should definitely buy this CD- The No.1 Christmas Album- you can get it from amazon and ebay(ebay is generally a lot cheaper). It has loads of the same classic songs I mentioned in my Christmas playlist.


A Christmas Candle: This is a necessity to get into the Christmas mood, I have Cranberry Ice from Yankee candle.


A Christmas Jumper: I got mine from Primark for £16. They have lots of others, from very bright, extreme ones to very subtle ones like mine.


Christmas Pj’s: I got mine from Primark again as they have the best ones I think! I bought these last week so I don’t know if they will still be available.


Pretty, festive wrapping paper: I bought mine from the card factory, and it was an absolute bargain for 3 rolls!!! Only £1.99!


Some form of a Christmas countdown: Now I have 3 of these: a simple ‘Sleeps till Christmas’ ornament with blocks, a chocolate advent calendar, and a handmade advent calendar by my best friend.


A Christmas book: I have The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily, which is super romantic and festive. I think a Christmas book is one of the best ways to get festive as festivity comes from your imagination, and as does reading!


Thankyou so much for reading, if you enjoyed this post then please give it a like and follow me for more Christmas posts! I love you all very much, I’ll see you this weekend for another post!

Remember it is the season to sparkle.


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