Hello hello hellloooo!!! I hope you’re all getting really really festive and having a wonderful day! Now have you all had your Christmas parties or are they coming up? If they’re coming up, I GOT YOU!! This is the time of the year where you’re waiting for that new, expensive make up on Christmas day but you’re slowly running out of your old stuff so you’re basically just looking ugly and dead in the weeks leading up to Christmas. But of course you cannot look dead for your Christmas party, whether it’s with work friends, college friends, school friends or family. You need to look your best, so here’s my make up look using affordable, running out make up.

Firstly I start off with ‘primer’ except I don’t use primer, I use my moisturiser because it does the exact same thing as a primer and primers are soooo expensive for what they are and I don’t know about you lot but I do not have the money right now! This is the moisturiser I use from the body shop which is super affordable and for oily-normal skin.


I then simply add my foundation, only a small pump to make it last up until Christmas! Then I add my concealer which I have two shades of; the lighter shade is my actual skin colour but it’s running super low so I have to use that one for under my eyes; then the darker one (that I usually use when I have fake tan on) for my nose and chin. I then even out the rest of the colour of my face with my powder which is slightly darker than my normal skin colour as I like it to give me a little more colour. Here are all of the products I used.


Next, I did my contour which I am actually not running out of because I don’t usually use this everyday. I find that you can usually scrape out as much as possible with powders anyway. I used my trusty revolution palette.


Then, I did my eyebrows with just powder as I have completely ran out of my wax, how annoying!! I do use this everyday though and I am currently waiting for Santa to bring me my Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow! My eyebrows don’t look the best at the moment because I am generally just so stressed and don’t have time to sort them out. I use my MUA eyebrow palette I’ve had for far too long!!


This is the result so far: (with the flash on and off- I do treat you!)



Now onto eyes! I actually have a primer for my eyes which works a treat!! It’s pretty new and I don’t use much so I don’t need to replace it anytime soon. This is the one I use and it works really well, I’m so happy with it.


Going onto eyeshadow, I used my urban decay NAKED palette that I use every single day and it is very expensive so I should probably use it more sparingly. Therefore, I only used two different shades: Nerve and Pistol. The darker shade on the outer corner of my eye, then I added some of my grey KIKO eyeshadow stick onto the very outer corners of my eyes so it gradually got darker. I’m very sorry for the quality of the pictures of my eyes, my camera was going crazy!


Now at this point you can do your own eyeliner or mascara, but I don’t tend to use these two so I’ve missed them out. However,I do have the Maybelline eyeliner and MAC mascara if you were wondering.

Finally onto my lips, I always use my LUSH lip scrub which is basically just like sugar that helps take away any dead skin on your lips that makes your lipstick all bitty and rough. This really helps to prepare your lips for lipstick and helps the application of the lipstick stay smooth. I have the LUSH mint lip scrub.


I then applied red lipstick as it’s sooooo festive and is perfect for a Christmas party. I have one from Sleek in the shade Russian Roulette. It is the perfect consistency and colour, and I’m actually really warming to it this Winter. I really recommend it!!


This is the final look: (again with the flash on and off)


Thankyou so much for reading this post, I really hope you’ve enjoyed it. Please give it a like if you did. I love you all very much, and I’ll see you on SATURDAY for some CHRISTMAS MORNING BREAKFAST IDEAS.

Remember, Christmas is only round the corner. Have you got all of your presents yet?


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