Hello hello helloooo!! I hope you’re all having a wonderful new year and fulfilling your new years resolutions. I am still VERY late on the ‘what I got for christmas’ but I am finally getting this out and letting go of Christmas…as much as it breaks my heart haha. I don’t know about any of you but the majority of my presents for Christmas are usually smellies, however this year I didn’t get as much as I used to, but I thought I needed to show you all anyway. I am not including the candles I got though, that is a whole other post!

Zoella gingerbread products


I am soooooooo glad I got these, because they smell absolutely INSANE!!!! Ngl I’m trying to make them last until next year and hope she brings it out again because I really love it!! I got 2 packs of the bath fizzers and a bauble shower gel; they are both the same scent which is my favourite scent in the whole world! If you can still find any, I urge you to go out and try some of the gingerbread products Zoe has brought out, they are seriously amazing!

Bath fizzer crackers


What a great idea these are?! In the middle of the crackers, there are bath fizzers wrapped in plastic which smell so fruity and fresh! The designs are also absolutely awesome! I have no idea where my friend got this from because I have never seen it before and it is such an unusual idea, but such a festive one.

Radox fruity shower gel with a shower bag


These are more of summery scents to me but I thought that was perfect because you get so many winter and autumn scents for Christmas that a summer one is a nice change and means you can save it for spring/summer time, whilst I use up all of my Christmassy, winter scents. The bag I love too! How cute is it?!! It will definitely come in handy.

New Look ‘Dusk’ perfume


This is my favourite perfume in the entire world and I am sooooo thankful I got these for Christmas because I was running sooo low. I would suggest you all go check out New Look’s perfume because they have such sophisticated and strong scents that stay on you all day, and are totally affordable!!

Parma Violets whipped soap


I am such a huge fan of parma violets and who doesn’t love a good soap? My boyfriend’s mum got me this and I absolutely love the smell of it!! However I don’t know what I feel about it being whipped…how much do you use? Does it work? I don’t know! But I suppose it will be fun, I am completely up for it! (especially as I will smell like parma violets)

The Body Shop shower gelsimg_2093img_2094

THIS CLASSIC!!! I mean is it even Christmas if you don’t get at least one The Body Shop product? I don’t know if it’s a compliment or a huge insult that I got this much shower gel…either way I’m happy with it! I love the variation I got of different scents, I cant wait to try them all out; I’m usually such a wimp when it comes to trying new scents when I know I like a specific few. So excited to try them all.

Lush products


ANOTHER CLASSIC! Again, is it even Christmas without getting at least one Lush product? I got the Father Christmas and Shoot For The Stars bath bombs which I haven’t actually tried before; I’m so excited to try them! My boyfriend also got me the floating island which I have used before and I love how nourishing it is for my body and the vanilla scent is to die for. I then got this big box of bath bombs with a soap from my sister which look so good and smell soooo sweet.

I am far too excited to use all of these, I don’t think I will run out any time soon! Thankyou so much for reading, please give it a like and follow me for more. I love you all very much and I will see you on Sunday for another post!

Remember God knows, there’s enough to worry about without worrying about worrying about things.


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