Hello hello helllooooo!! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Now throughout the past few years, I have really struggled with my mental health. Although I have struggled, I have also come up with some great tips on how to deal with bad mental health, which I am going to share with you today. Mental health is just as important as physical health and should be treated the exact same. So these are my top tips that have all been tried and I still use now:

  • plan free time as part of your schedule– this can be for time where you can work on whatever you want, catch up on things or just chill. This takes a lot of pressure off tasks being done each day and makes everyday life much less stressful. I generally leave this time for towards the end of the day if I can, so that I can look forward to it throughout the day and know that I can always catch up with things later on in the day.
  • do small acts of self-care everyday– these acts are things such as washing your face, moisturising your legs, fake tanning, painting your nails etc. This is a very simple way of chilling out and having some time to yourself. I generally find that doing these small acts just calm me down and make me feel fabulous. This could even be done in your ‘free time’!!
  • make your bed every morning– this is such a strange one but it honestly helps to clear your head so much. I feel that making my bed just sets me up, ready for the day and helps me feel refreshed and tidy. It also helps your day be much more productive as you’ve started the day off tidying.
  • drink lots of water– this is something I have really worked on over the past few months and it has really affected how good my mood has been. Drinking lots of water increases how alert you are, which decreases how tired you feel which therefore increases your mood.
  • write down 3 things your grateful for every day– this I have tried to do off and on for about a year and a half. My doctor gave me this idea which at first I thought wouldn’t help, but it helps you reflect on the day and realise how the little things are really taken for granted in people’s lives.
  • do whatever it is that boosts your mood– no matter what it is, DO IT!! Find that one thing or those few things that boost your mood instantly. Do this at least once everyday, just to keep your mood balanced and more on the high side, rather than the low. So go out and find whatever it is that boosts your mood!
  • have 1 hour of exercising or reading each day– these two activities are possibly the best things to do to relieve stress and anxiety. Exercising increases endorphins, which I’m sure you all already know, and reading takes you into a different world which takes you away from your current problems.
  • create a sleeping routine– one of the most important things which boosts your mood is sleep! The more sleep you have, the happier you are!! So a sleep routine is definitely needed, in order for your body to get the correct sleep it requires. Having enough sleep will keep you energised and overall very happy.
  • make a ‘done’ list daily– this is instead of making a daily to-do list. The reason for this is because you will feel like you have done  a lot more; although you will have done the same amount making a to-do list,  you will feel a lot more productive with a ‘done’ list. By looking back on the tasks you have done in the day, this will help you feel like you have accomplished things, instead of looking at the things you didn’t manage to do.
  • have a ranting journal– I use the ‘it’s gonna be okay’ book which has each day laid out for you whenever you want to write any of your feelings down. However, you can just create a box or section in your bullet journal. By writing down your feelings, you almost spill out all of your thoughts and worries onto the page, clearing your head.
  • track your mental health in a bullet journal– you can do this using a habit tracker, meaning you can look over how well your mental health and mood has been doing throughout the week, month or even year. You can then see where your downfalls have been and evaluate why this happened, which can help you improve your mood in the future.

So they’re all my tips! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you’ve really enjoyed it. Please give it a like if you did and follow me for more posts on mental health. I love you all very much and I’ll see you very very soon, byee xoxo


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