Hello hello hellllooooo!! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! Today I am going to be talking about this amazing clean and clear product I have been using. It is the blackhead 2-in-1 wash and mask, which I have been using for a few years now and thought it was about time I review it for you.


Step 1– Thoroughly wet your face. The more wet your face is, the less amount of product you will need to use, as it will spread across the skin more evenly.


Step 2– apply one small squeeze of the mask onto your face, concentrating on the T-zone, to get rid of excess oils and blackheads. Make sure you use circular motions and try not to press on too hard.


Step 3– Leave this on for 5 minutes.

Step 4– Simply wipe it off with a facecloth.


I then moisturised my cheeks to make sure they didn’t dry out too much, as they aren’t as oily as my T-zone.

What’s to love?

  • It’s not too drying
  • It doesn’t hurt too much, but you can still feel it working
  • It’s easily applied and taken off
  • Face is very smooth afterwards
  • It’s very quick- there’s no need to wash face before as it’s a 2-in-1 and you only need to keep it on for 5 minutes

I really recommend this for anyone who struggles with oily skin or if you have combination skin and you want to treat yourself to a quick face mask! Thankyou so so much for reading, I hope you have a lovely day.

I love you all very much and I will see you very very soon. Byee xoxo



Hello hello hellloooooo!! I hope you’re all well and are having a wonderful day. Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on some of Clinique’s skincare products. If you don’t know Clinique, which I’m sure all of you do, it is a high end make up/skincare brand. I absolutely love it and have really been getting into it recently. I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on three skincare products in particular today that I have been trying out.

Clinique pep-start 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser

This is the most fabulous exfoliating cleanser!! The substance feels like the majority of exfoliators but is fluorescent orange and then white once scrubbed onto the face. I love using this because it does take off all of your dead skin and work into the pores; however, it also moisturises your face as well, making your skin feel super smooth and hydrated. I usually don’t need to use moisturiser after this because my skin is naturally quite oily/a combination of oily and normal skin so I feel I never need moisturiser afterwards, as it’s usually quite moisturised anyway. I would really recommend this for all skin types and I can really tell the difference; my skin feels so much healthier now. It is also £16.50 which isn’t too much- of course you can get a cheaper one but it is a very good price for the quality.


Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion+

This moisturiser is VERY MOISTURISING. They do not lie about the fact that it is hugely moisturising. However, this is not very good for my skin type, as mine is quite oily/a combination of oily and normal skin, as I said before. I find that it does make my skin very greasy and oilier than usual, so I don’t recommend this for you if you have oily skin. However, my mum uses this and she has normal-dry skin and I have seen a massive difference in the radiance and moisture in her face. It makes her skin look much more brightening and glowing, so I would really recommend this moisturiser if you have normal-dry skin. The tube that I got is £18 which obviously was not worth it for me but my mum says that it has really transformed her skin so it was for her!


Clinique pep-start eye cream

This eye cream I use every day- I would lie and say I use it twice a day because you’re meant to do this, but to be honest I am very lazy and only do it at night. If you don’t use eye cream, I really suggest using this one! I never used to use eye cream and just used my normal moisturiser to go around my eyes, but of course normal moisturiser is not specifically for your eyes and now that I have used several eye creams, I can really tell the difference between eye cream and normal moisturiser. Out of all of the eye creams I have used, this Clinique one is my favourite! I feel like it really brightens up around my eyes and hydrates this skin that can sometimes get a little dry or just generally dull. I then find that it makes my foundation, concealer and eyeshadow around my eyes look a lot more brightened and pigmented. Everything applies a lot more smoothly with this on too. I recommend this for all skin types, no matter how old you are! This is £22 (the one I got was only £11 as I got the 7ml one but the normal 15ml one is £22), which I personally think is very expensive for an eye cream but it does last a long time, as you don’t need to use as much as normal moisturiser.


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Hello hello hellloooo!!! I hope you’re all getting really really festive and having a wonderful day! Now have you all had your Christmas parties or are they coming up? If they’re coming up, I GOT YOU!! This is the time of the year where you’re waiting for that new, expensive make up on Christmas day but you’re slowly running out of your old stuff so you’re basically just looking ugly and dead in the weeks leading up to Christmas. But of course you cannot look dead for your Christmas party, whether it’s with work friends, college friends, school friends or family. You need to look your best, so here’s my make up look using affordable, running out make up.

Firstly I start off with ‘primer’ except I don’t use primer, I use my moisturiser because it does the exact same thing as a primer and primers are soooo expensive for what they are and I don’t know about you lot but I do not have the money right now! This is the moisturiser I use from the body shop which is super affordable and for oily-normal skin.


I then simply add my foundation, only a small pump to make it last up until Christmas! Then I add my concealer which I have two shades of; the lighter shade is my actual skin colour but it’s running super low so I have to use that one for under my eyes; then the darker one (that I usually use when I have fake tan on) for my nose and chin. I then even out the rest of the colour of my face with my powder which is slightly darker than my normal skin colour as I like it to give me a little more colour. Here are all of the products I used.


Next, I did my contour which I am actually not running out of because I don’t usually use this everyday. I find that you can usually scrape out as much as possible with powders anyway. I used my trusty revolution palette.


Then, I did my eyebrows with just powder as I have completely ran out of my wax, how annoying!! I do use this everyday though and I am currently waiting for Santa to bring me my Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow! My eyebrows don’t look the best at the moment because I am generally just so stressed and don’t have time to sort them out. I use my MUA eyebrow palette I’ve had for far too long!!


This is the result so far: (with the flash on and off- I do treat you!)



Now onto eyes! I actually have a primer for my eyes which works a treat!! It’s pretty new and I don’t use much so I don’t need to replace it anytime soon. This is the one I use and it works really well, I’m so happy with it.


Going onto eyeshadow, I used my urban decay NAKED palette that I use every single day and it is very expensive so I should probably use it more sparingly. Therefore, I only used two different shades: Nerve and Pistol. The darker shade on the outer corner of my eye, then I added some of my grey KIKO eyeshadow stick onto the very outer corners of my eyes so it gradually got darker. I’m very sorry for the quality of the pictures of my eyes, my camera was going crazy!


Now at this point you can do your own eyeliner or mascara, but I don’t tend to use these two so I’ve missed them out. However,I do have the Maybelline eyeliner and MAC mascara if you were wondering.

Finally onto my lips, I always use my LUSH lip scrub which is basically just like sugar that helps take away any dead skin on your lips that makes your lipstick all bitty and rough. This really helps to prepare your lips for lipstick and helps the application of the lipstick stay smooth. I have the LUSH mint lip scrub.


I then applied red lipstick as it’s sooooo festive and is perfect for a Christmas party. I have one from Sleek in the shade Russian Roulette. It is the perfect consistency and colour, and I’m actually really warming to it this Winter. I really recommend it!!


This is the final look: (again with the flash on and off)


Thankyou so much for reading this post, I really hope you’ve enjoyed it. Please give it a like if you did. I love you all very much, and I’ll see you on SATURDAY for some CHRISTMAS MORNING BREAKFAST IDEAS.

Remember, Christmas is only round the corner. Have you got all of your presents yet?


Hello hello hellooo!! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Today, I’m going to be sharing my 5 Halloween makeup looks with you all. This took a lot of time and effort so I’d really appreciate it if you gave it a like if you enjoy it and comment which is your favourite. I’m also going to warn you that some of these did fail miserably but I thought I’d share them with you anyway. By the way, please excuse my serious face on all of these pictures, I laugh every time I see how serious I look. I promise I did enjoy doing this post, even though I don’t look that happy haha!

BLACK EYE WITH A FAIL OF A BRUISE-what a great start


First of all, I did my black eye which was extremely simple as I just used black eyeshadow. I didn’t want to leave the other eye bare, so I used a sparkly, dark purple eyeshadow for my eyelid.


Now this bruise didn’t exactly go to doesn’t really look like a bruise does it? However I tried! I used a mixture of dark and light purple eyeshadow then used a red, to add the blood/pain look. I then used a grey/green eyeshadow which didn’t turn out as green as I wanted, which is probably why it doesn’t look that realistic, haha!


Finally, I added a dark purple lip to finish the gothic look.



First of all I just used black eyeshadow over my lid and just under my eyes, making sure it’s all around my eyes so that they look as gothic as they can.


I apologise for this awful quality picture, my camera wasn’t in focus! I basically just added red eyeshadow around all of the black, making a thicker line of it on the top and a thinner line underneath my eyes.


I then used a red lipliner to make zigzag lines under my eyes, however it didn’t come off very red, it was more of a pinky colour. Therefore, I used a very thin eyeshadow brush and dabbed a bit of red eyeshadow over the lipliner, so that it looked more red.


After the red, I did smaller zigzags in between the red ones, using my eyebrow powder as the brush is much thinner and I thought it would stick better than eyeshadow.


Finally, I added red lipstick, which finished off the final vampire inspired look.



Now I actually think my eyes look quite creepy on this, anyone agree? All I used was black eyeshadow and then dark purple around the edges. I did my lid and under my eyes, but mainly smudged the purple underneath my eyes to make me look more gothic.


I then added a dark purple lipstick, then used a mixture of black and dark purple eyeshadow to make the creepy smile. This is probably the most simple look which really didn’t take me long. However, I really don’t think it suits me!!



Firstly, I just did the basic black eyeshadow on my eyelid and a thin layer underneath. Then, I added a dark purple lipstick, as I thought I’d do the easiest bits first.


This is what happened to my first I started to make it really neat but then realised that was never going to happen as my skin just kept moving and it was going everywhere! I just used my own liquid eyeliner and started from the bottom of my eyes and did a messy line to where I thought was necessary. I decided to call these lines ‘web tears’ as they are very messy like tears but obviously don’t look like normal tears. To make them more ‘web-like’, I drew little crosses at the bottom of 3 of the lines, on each eye. If you don’t like how messy it is, you can obviously do it much neater if you want to try it yourself.


To finish off the look, I used black eyeshadow to create a line where I would normally contour, as I thought this made my face look more chiselled and scary.



Firstly, I used sparkly, silver eyeshadow on my eyelid, then red eyeshadow all the way under my eye. This creates the bold look a clown has.


Now for the main bit, I used eyeliner to create triangles under my eyes as the signature clown look. I then added two circles onto the end of the biggest triangle to make myself look more like a clown. The triangles on the outer end, are the thinnest and most pointy, whereas the inner triangles are much thicker and shorter. I think this looked really effective over the red eyeshadow.


I then added a dark purple lip and highlighter which you can’t really see on this picture. As you can see, I’ve added a line where I would usually contour, as it makes my face look scarier and more chiselled. I think this is probably my favourite look but please comment down below your favourite, I’d love to know!

So that’s it! I hope you all really enjoyed it; if you did, please give it a like and follow for more makeup posts. If you would like me to do Christmas makeup looks, then please comment down below. Thankyou so much for reading, I love you all very much! I’ll see you this weekend for another Halloween special!

Remember on Halloween your meant to dress up as something scary.. not attractive and pretty.


Hello hello hellooo!! I hope you’re all well and have a fabulous day. I am very sorry I missed Sunday’s upload, I had a very busy week doing various things and didn’t have time to upload anything. To make up for my missed upload, I’m going to be uploading today, Friday and Sunday this week. I hope you enjoy them all, keep watching out for them and follow me if you don’t want to miss any! Today, I’m going to be sharing my everyday eye and lip make-up look with you.I have them both very simple but I think that it really does define your eyes and gives your lips a bit of texture. I do tend to change my eyeshadow and lipsticks everyday but for the days I can’t really be bothered or are in a rush, this is definitely my go to make-up look.


First of all, I add my Collection Illuminating & Reviving Eye Primer, which is an absolute God send!! It does the ultimate trick of keeping my eyeshadow on all day. My first eyeshadow shade is from my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, called Foxy. This is to give the eyeshadow a base and to get rid of any blemishes around my eyes. However, if I’m in too much of a rush, I do end up missing this step out.


Then, I used the shade Booty Call from the same Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. This is to add a hint more colour as it is a little more peachy and has a tad of sparkle in it. I recommend this step to be vital as it makes the look more natural when the next colour is added.


Now this is where the action happens! This is where you actually get to see the change in colour of the eye look. I used the Revolution Run Boy Run palette which is one of my favourites as there are so many colours for such a low price! I used a cream/peachy glitter shade (shown below). This is one of my most used shades as I love it so much and it creates such a natural colour with a little bit of shimmer, which makes it look like you’ve really took time with it; however it is just a few simple steps. (the picture does not show the true beauty of the shade, wait for the next image.)


For the final step of my eyeshadow, I used the Revolution Redemption palette Romantic Smoked which is another brilliant Revolution palette- a great dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palettes. The shade I used was a brown/purple colour, which I put in the outer corners of my eyes, then blended it in with the previous glitter shade. This shade is a much darker one and still quite glittery so if you don’t like either of those on your eyes then I suggest leaving this step out and staying with the much more natural shimmering shade.



I go very simple with my lip colour as when I can’t be bothered, I like just wearing lip gloss, instead of faffing with a dark/bright lipstick colour all day. So I usually use the Benefit Dandelion lip gloss because it gives your lips a glossy texture with a hint of a peach colour, making it super natural. I usually reapply this lip gloss after eating my lunch as it doesn’t need reapplying that much during the day. This is my favourite lip gloss and I couldn’t recommend it more!



It is a very very simple, natural make-up look and I love it so much! Thankyou so much for reading and please let me know what you think in the comments below and give it a like if you want more make-up tutorials like these, I have a lot more ideas but please recommend any ideas down below. Give me a follow if you want to see more of these posts too and so that you don’t miss any uploads. I’ll see you on Friday for my next post.

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Hello hello helloooo!! I hope you’re all having a lovely start to your week. Today I’m going to be sharing my very small lipstick collection with you. I have recently had a clear out so I’ll only be sharing what’s left! First of all, I’ll be showing my lip balm/gloss collection that don’t have as much pigment as the lipsticks do.


Dandelion lip gloss- Benefit

Baby Lips peach lip gloss- Maybelline New York

Pearly Shine lip gloss- Nivea

Baby Lips cherry lip gloss- Maybelline New York

Raspberry lip butter- Nivea

Mango lip butter- Body Shop

All of these lip gloss’/balms are amazing and I find that they all work really well. However my favourite is the Dandelion lip gloss by Benefit as it is very hydrating and smells and feels amazing!

Now for my lipsticks! I have also swatched all of these for you, but if you would like to see these on or with recommended eye shadow, then please like and comment down below. These are also in order of my favourite to my least favourite.

MAC lipstick in the shade Whirl



Collection lipstick in the shade Scorned



Revolution lipstick in a nude/coral shade (I don’t know the name of it sorry)



NYX Lingerie lipstick in the shade 01



Sleek lipstick in the shade Russian Roulette



Topshop lipstick in the shade Brighton Rock



I (heart) Make Up lipstick in the shade Smile Is The Best Makeup



There we go! Not many I know, I definitely need to get back lipstick hunting! I hope you enjoyed it and please comment if you want to know any extra information on these products or have any posts to request. Thankyou so much for reading, please give it a like if you enjoyed it. I’ll see you this weekend for another post!

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Hello hello hellooo!! I hope you’re all doing well and loving the September weather! Today I’m going to be showing you my make-up bags and what I put in them. This will hopefully give you all ideas to change or buy your own make-up bags, if you had no ideas.

First of all, I have my main make-up bag which is one of the cheapest! I had this before all of the others so I got used to putting all of my main make-up products in it. As I was so used to it, I didn’t want to move the products into my new bags, even though they would have been a much better size. This make-up bag is just one from H&M that my friend bought me because I was desperate for a new one. I absolutely love the colour and even though it is quite small, it fits exactly what I need in it.


The next bags I got were a pack of three from Victoria’s Secret. I was completely in love with these as soon as I saw them. So firstly, the biggest bag out of the three, is the bag I use for my make-up brushes, beauty blenders, tweezers and other little bits like that. It’s the perfect bag for brushes because it’s so big and slim so it wouldn’t fit big, chunky make-up products in; however brushes and appliers are perfect. I also find the pattern so sophisticated and classy.


The second Victoria’s Secret bag is a little smaller, but not the smallest! I use this for my nail varnishes because I have so many and they wouldn’t fit in any of the smaller ones. Although, I wouldn’t be able to fit anymore of them in now, so maybe I should invest in another.. Out of all of my make-up bags, this is the one I use the least as I don’t apply nail varnish every single day, like I do with the rest of my make-up. However, it still looks really cute in my make-up drawer and keeps all of my nail varnishes compact.


The last Victoria’s Secret bag is much smaller! As you can see, there aren’t much products in this bag as not much can actually fit in. However, it is perfect for little bits which can’t fit in my main make-up bag. I decided to put in my eye and eyebrow products, so there is my eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow sticks, my many eyebrow pencils and my eyebrow kit in there. I find this very easy and efficient to sort out all of my make-up into categories. It’s also see through which I love in a make-up bag so that you know exactly what is in.


Finally, my last make-up bag is one from Benefit, that I actually got free with a few products from boots. I needed an extra make-up bag so was so thankful for this! I use this bag for my lipsticks and lip liners, which I have recently had a sort through so I have hardly any left. The bag is see through which I absolutely love, as I just said, because it makes products so much easier to find. It is very simple, but a really good size and I can keep adding more lipsticks and it won’t fill up too quickly.


So they’re my make-up bags! Obviously it depends how much make-up you have to determine the size of your make-up bags and how many you have but I have recently gone through all of it so I don’t have as much as I used to. I still hope I have given you some ideas for your own make-up bags and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post; if you have then please give it a like and follow me if you want more posts like these. Thankyou so much for reading, I love you all very much and I will see you when I next upload, on Sunday!

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Hello hello helloooo!! I hope you’re all having a fabulous morning. Autumn is finally here!! I absolutely love autumn and winter, it’s just so cosy and I especially love the autumn colours of eyeshadow and lipstick. So today, I will be sharing my favourite autumn make-up look with you all.

First of all, I used the benefit brightening face primer, which I only have in a small tube but will definitely be getting myself a bigger one when it runs out. It is an amazing primer and keeps my make-up on all day, so it does the job! Although, it is quite pricey.


I then used my trustworthy rimmel match perfection foundation, in the shade true ivory. This foundation is no where near as expensive as many other foundations and has a lot of coverage. I would definitely suggest trying out the colours on your hand before buying them, instead of guessing. I used the Primark ps pro brush to apply the foundation and I found this very very good, but it does need a good clean every 2 weeks at least.


Obviously concealer is next, and I use my all time favourite Collection lasting perfection concealer, which I’m sure you’ve heard tons of good reviews about; you would not believe how cheap it is but has the most amazing coverage. Again, I suggest that you all try out the concealer on your hand or even face as mine is quite dark for my face. To apply the concealer, I used the Primark beauty blender. It can be very stiff compared to high end beauty blenders but for a pound, it definitely does what it’s meant to.


I then went on to powder which is my absolute saviour when I’m having a really busy and flustered day. I use the Rimmel, stay matte powder which really just does what it says on the tin. However it doesn’t last that long on oily skin. I used my bhcosmetics brush which does the job but can pick up a lot of oil if you’re reapplying after a few hours.


After powder, I just used some blush as this look is an everyday make-up look, I don’t tend to wear highlighter or much bronzer during the day or in autumn. The blush is from the revolution ultra sculpt & contour kit, which I find has a glow tint to the pink pigment which I like as it brightens up your face. I used a cheap brush from superdrug to apply this, which isn’t one of my favourites as it isn’t very soft on the skin but does the job of applying my blush.


Finally I got onto my eyebrows which is one of the longer tasks. At the moment, I’m using the MUA eyebrow kit, but the more I use it, the worse it seems to get at applying. I absolutely loved it for a long while, but now it has started to be harder to apply and I’m not sure whether it is the product or the brush I use. The brush I use is from Primark, and is slightly too thick for my liking but for the moment, whilst I save up, it is doing the job. I brush through my eyebrows first, then use the wax, then the powder to finish off.


Now onto my eyes, I firstly put on the collection eye primer which is absolutely amazing and I really really recommend it! My eyeshadow only came off a little when I went in the shower with it on. For my eyeshadow, I used a whole range of different shades:

First of all I used the shade ‘tease’ in the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, just to give my eyelid some colour and definition. It is also a good base for the brown, autumn look I’m going for.


Secondly, I used the shade ‘suspect’ also in the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, to add a bit of glitter and shine to my eyelid as I’m really getting into that at the moment, I think it makes your eyes look beautiful when the sun catches it.


Thirdly, I used the goldy, browny shade in the Run Boy Run Revolution eyeshadow palette. This was to add a little more glitter, but with a darker shade. I applied this to the outer half of my eyelid, so that I could gradually go darker as I went out. By this point, you have a lot of glitter so if you don’t like that much glitter then I suggest that you leave this step out.img_1521

Finally, to finish off with my eyes, I used the shade ‘busted’ from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. This was to define the eyes a lot more and make them stand out. I only added this to the outer corner of my eyelid so that my whole eye wasn’t covered in dark brown. I think that this eyeshadow look is a very autumn make-up look and goes really well with any outfit.


To finish off my autumn make-up look, I used the MAC lipstick, in the shade ‘whirl’ which is the most amazing lipstick and feels really nice on the skin, whilst also staying on for a long time. The brown colour reminds me of autumn so much!!




I absolutely love this autumn make-up look and I hope you love it too! If you have any questions then please ask in the comments and like this post if you enjoyed it. Also, follow me if you want to see more posts on beauty. Thankyou very much for reading this post, check out my last post about my favourite youtubers-

I’ll see you on Sunday for another post, I hope you have a lovely rest of your week!

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Hello hello hellooo!! I hope you’re all having a lovely start to the week and loving everything you’re doing. Today, I’m sharing how I did my niece’s make up. I will be sharing the products I used and how I would rate them out of 10.

















Now this has been very short and sweet and I haven’t really gone into depth on the products I used but if you do want to read a post on those products then please give it a like or comment if you have any questions on them. Please also give it a like if you think I should do more beauty posts as I have a lot of make up to share and love talking about it. Thanks for reading! See you at the same time tomorrow:)

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